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Sayyid1 (Douglas)

Projects & Resumes

Network Automation
Projects & Resumes

Network Projects Installed & amp; Completed


I.   Two servers with windows 2000 O/Ss at The 

      Daharan Islamic Intl’ Exhibition yr. 2001.

 A. The network there included video conferencing & Internet Access.


II.   On the project team that installed The Oceania

        InternetCafé; installed the PC Stations. This team 

        was employed by Information Network Solutions

        Co. of Dammam.


III.  Marriot Hotel: The software for the Windows 2000 

       Server based Internet Café of the Hotel is mine.


IV.  Dajam Oil Transport: The GM’s Laptop at his 

       home was connected to The Co.’ main Network   

       using my Novell Client for Windows 2000-XP. I

       was the Network Administrator for the Company’s 



V.   I was the first technician in the Gulf to propose 

       Internet Access for Five Star Hotels’ Occupants.


VI.  Installed Netware 5.1 O/S on the Compact Server for 

       The King Fahad Publishing and Printing Press in

       Medina; consulted in integrating and connecting 

       Novell DOS Clients 16 to the workstations to the

       Compact Netware 5.1 Server & Netware 4.11



VII. Installed four Compact XP O/S PC Station for KAAU.


VIII.Finished the installation for Windows 2000 Server

      (Compact) Gulf  Processing Co.’s Second server.


IX.  Solved the problem of the KAAU HP Server O/S NIC



X.    First technician to discover that servers and PC

        workstations are using NICs that are Full Duplex.

Resume III (Education & Work)


I.    Employment:

A.     Company: ACT (Advance Computer Technology).

B.     Location: Jeddah.

C.     Position held: Hardware Technician.

D.     Duties: Computer System Assembly, partitioning & formatting HDDs, O/Ss

Installation (ex. Win 98, 2000, XP, etc.), drivers installation for AGP-VGA Card,

Modems, Sys. Bo. CD-Writer, Scanners, Printers, Anti-Virus Programs, RealPlayer,

Computer Cameras & WinZip. Also serviced laptops, rearranged cables inside Sys.

& reconfigured BIOS before or after O/S installation.


II.  Employment:

A.     Company CompuServer Training Institute.

B.     Location: Jeddah.

C.     Position held: Hardware-Network Technician & Instructor.

D.     Duties: Maintaining all computer Hardware for the Institute and work trouble-

Shooting. Restarted the Institute’s network communication after it had been attacked

by a Trajan Horse Virus, restarted the Institute’s network connectivity a no. of times.

Repaired printers & prepared network cabling (UTP) & taught general networking.


III.       Education & Studies:

A.     Microsoft Networking Essentials.

B.     Implementing Windows 2000 Server & Windows Professional.

C.     Implementing Windows 2000 Network Infrastructure.


IV. Employment:

A.     Company: Ayedh Bin Hussain Co.

B.     Location: Jeddah.

C.     Position: Novell Network Administrator & Hardware Technician.

D.     Duties: Monitoring the network (especially short term & long term cache hits, ECB

Count, no. of stations connectivity. No. of PRBs. No. dirty cache hits, login security,

experienced electrical power cut-off, by downing our Netware 5 Server (connected to

an UPS Device,even though it gave an error message stating users still logged into the

network, but I down the server successfully, & exited the NWSERVER Directory &

cut off the server & UPS Device without loosing a single file (even though stations had cut off because of the electrical power failure); after electrical power I restored up and  checked the Monitor.NLM especially disk utilization, system resources, & server parameters, & virtual mem. To make sure the sys. was probably  functioning; I to had to personally logout many users & reboot their stations; Systems Tuning, Optimization, mission accomplished, the Sys. working normally again: also repaired Lined Printers (Dotmatrix), connected to different stations but run by our NDPS (Gateway Server), repaired HP Deskjet Printer, & mad internal maintaince on a no. of stations, installed Novell Client for Windows XP on a remote station, and ran the Ping Test on all stations & the Netware Server & the routers to ascertain the connectivity.


Resume IV Update Continued (Training & Employment)


I. Company Name: Dajam Co. Tansport Company

      A. Position: Network Administrator.

      B. Duties: Overseeing connectivity is present after starting the HUB,UPS   

           Netware 5.1 Server, and PC Stations, managing user objects,

           especially time restriction,& station restriction. Making sure the printers

           (Line Prnters) are functioning properly repairing them if necessary, and

           changing the ribbon if necessary. Troubleshooting the network see if

           connectivity has been lost, checking the ECB Static, and at the end of

           the day backing up the network. Overseeing the installation of the

           Nortel Routers at Co.’s premises and at the Boss’s residence. Installed

           Novell 4.9 on the Boss’s Laptop to enable him to connect to the co.’s

           main network by way of Lease Line 64K spd.


II.Company Name: Al-Jeraisy

A.     Training: Cisco Products; Routers.

B.     Position: Novell Network Engineer & Consultant.

C.     Duties: Installing any Novell products on any machine: Installed Netware 5.1 on a

Compact Server using RAID 5. Installed Netware 4.11 Lab. Testing, installed a

Novell 4.9 , all of the above is work for King Fahd Publishing & Printing Press Co.

Installed Win XP for a College here in Jeddah (four PC) and configured them.

Troubleshooted HP Server using RAID5 to solve NIC conflict. Took part in design

of Router placement for Ministry Of Planning.



III.Oranization Name: Jeddah Teacher’s Training College

A.     Position: Network Administrator.

B.     Duties: Troubleshooting the network after it crashed twice, by installing a new

HUB, by updating  the connectivity software after the second crash. Installed &

connected new HP Combo, Laserjet, & Deskjet printers to PC Stations. Rearranged

network cabling on PCs & HUB. Installed Win 2000, Office 2000, & Office 2000

Multilingual Service Pack on a number of stations. Trobleshooted printers presently

connected Installed Novell Client 4.9 for connectivity, made voltage check of all

electrical sockets with a voltage tester to confirm electrical power stability. Trans-

ferred some PC Stations, installed anti-virus software for PC O/S and software

protection. Oversaw the configuration of network printer connected to the Ministry

Of Education that were given IP Address.



Resume Extention

Sayyid Ahmad Al-Mundhir, Douglas Eugene Bynum

E-Mail Address:

P.O. Box 701

Norfolk, Va. 23501

J. S.A.



               Strongly technical, consistant, & resolute with seven years of  

               experience in computer science, seven years experience in medical

               science, and three  years of  experience in education. Good

               analytical skills & expertise in advance troubleshooting in a large

               establishment. Discipline to a great degree on work performance.


               Employment History

Present    Network Administrator, Co. Digital Solution Al-Khobar         

Job          Duties: Administrating four separate LANs (Internet Café) of the 

               company; starting up the network by (1) turning on the HUBs (2)

               turning on  the main computers including Win2000 Server with acct.

               or turning on the computer running our “our e-LAN” network

               application (server & client application for billing users) implementing

               time restriction & security; (3) turning on stand-alone PCs or Client

               PCs running our “e-LAN” network application (4) making maint. By

             deleting all cookies files in all PC Stations, deleting Internet File

             downloaded from the Internet & emptying all files from the Recycle

             Bin, (5) Running the loop-back test & confirm the PCs have

             TCP/IP functioning (6) checking & restoring PC Station Config. (ex.

             Ide. Name, Host Name, IP Address, & DNS Address, Gateway

            Address, & Website Address) in case users have changed any of

            these items (7) installing new software on any PCs Stations such as

            Win Media Player, Norton 2002 Anti-Virus, Yahoo Messenger,

            MSN Messenger, Office 2000, Office XP & Real Player7.

               Troubleshooting: (1) by restoring any PC original config. (2) re-

            establishing connectivity by connecting cabling, or installing new

            network card if defected, reassigning cabling in another batch panel

            port or HUB Port (3) correcting software problems, (4) increasing PC

            Speed by having users to clean out e-mail boxes, requesting more

            Bandwith from our ISP or using special mouse techniques (5) Running

            Norton Anti-Virus using keyboard technique (7) troubleshooting

            cabling problems by using cable tester, voltage tester, RJ-45 Plug, or

            using new cable.


7/01  Hardware Engineer, Al-Jazeera Computers For The Future Al- 10/1 Khobar

        Durties: Complete computer assembly, including System Case,

        System Board, support screws or support plastic plugs for System

        Board, Vga-Agp Card, modem, sound card, microprocessors

        Celeron, AMD, & Pentium, RAM Chips, (DIMM) HDD,FDD,CD-

        ROM Drive, cables for HDD, FDD,CD-ROM,jumper settings for

        CPUspd. Frequency, Voltage, & Utility Jumpers such as, HD LED,

        Power LED, Speaker, Restart Sw. & Keyboard Locke, Port Panel

        adjustment; power cable connection, Rubber-Feet implacement for the

        system case; screws ( mostly Philips), CPU Fan, keyboard, mouse,

        monitor, Computer Add-Ons such as DVDs CD-Writers, (internal &

        external), 2nd HDD, printers, scanner, computer camera, Headset,

        micro-phone, cabling and Adapters for components that require these.

        System Installation: BIOS Config. Partitioning & formatting HDD,

        CD-ROM Driver installation (if necessary) Win O/S installation (Win98,

        ME, Win2000 Prof. & Win XP: Drivers for Vga-Agp card, Sound

        Card, modem, printer, scanner, computer camera DVD,CD-Writer,

        software installation for the same components that require them.

        Software Installation: Office 97-2000, Office XP, Screensaver, 

        WinZip, Pencillin, Norton, & McAfee Anti-Virus Prog. Quran, ICQ,

        ACD,Win Media, Real Player, Net2Phone, Cheyenne Bitware, and

        Inoculate IT. Troubleshooting During Computer Assembly & Outside

       Assembly: no display because (1) defected Vga or Agp Card, RAM

       Prob. Microprocessor Prob. Or Sys. Bo.not working (2) O/S installation

       does not complete itself, (3) software-hardware incompatibility prob. (4)

       Boot-Prob. Because of virus: HDD or FDD Cable not connected

       correctly, BIOS setting not correct (5) Hardware Components Prob. Vga

       or Agp Card, Sound Card  Modem (6) software problem when for ex. 

       Office Applcs. Will not open; browser will not connect to The Internet

       because of damage or deletion (7) partition & format prob. (8) capacity

       prob.(9) Incompatibility between software & O/S between software &

       O/S (10) Disc Cabling Prob. & (11) recovering data from a defected or

       crashed HDD.


2/01 Hardware & Network Technician, Info. Network Solution, 

7/1  Dammam  Duties:

       Responsible for all computer hardware in our company office (about nine

       or ten sys.including; printers, one scanner, & three Novell Computers

       (one server & two Clients) & Win2000 Srv. I connected my Novell

        Netware 5 to the company’s Microsoft IIS-Proxy to enable the Novell

        Clients to access The Internet. This was accomplished by using PPP

        (inside the Novell Server). I was responsible for installing O/S in

        computers for our customers, including, Win98, ME, Win2000 Prof.

      Win2000 Srvr. & Win2000 Workstation. I also prepared UTP Cabling

       for our customers LAN Sites, & apart of the abling team. I installed

       Netware 5 & Win2000 Srvr.on a Dell Srvr. System, which had RAID5

       and using LUCENT ISDN Line! I performed custom Installation for

       theNovell Srvr. Enabling of Network Volumes, DNS-DHCP Services,

       Protocols IPX/SPX-TCP/IP & Gateway cretion during the installation &

       PKI Servies & the Novell DS Tree (Directory Services) to ;access

       resources on the network. I also installed after the installation The NIAS,

      & activated & cofig. InetCFG.NLM to activate The MPR, to configure

      the Gateway Srvr. Lease Lines, Frame Relays & ISDN Line. The MPR

      activation also allows you to activate the IPX/IP Gateway, enable IPX-

      RIP Router, The IPX Router or the IPX-SAP Router. I also install 2Win

      Srvr. To connect to our Gateway (Proxy) for Internet access. At Info.

      Network Solution Co.we were technicially an ISP, we are the owner of & We provided Internet access to

      companies, organizations, & individual home-users. We also installed In-

      ternet Cafes’ using Lucent Technology “OR Router”. I also established &

      configured RAS on our Netware 5Srvr. From workstation by using

      Remote.NLM, RS232.NLM, Rconsole Commands & password! I also

      made maint. On network printers, connectivityfor multi-ort ext. Modem at

      our LAN Site locations, installed software applcs. From our customer’s

      Win2000 Srvr. Into PCs & workstations connected to theWin2000 Srvr.

       while setting at the PCs & workstations.









Sayyid Ahmad Al-Mundhir Douglas Eugene Bynum

E-Mail Address:

P.O. Box 123

Manama, Bahrain




                Strongly technical, consistant, & resolute with seven years of

                experience in computer science seven years experience in medical

                science, and three years of experience in education. Good

                analytical skills & expertise in advance troubleshooting in a large

                establishment. Discipline to a great degree on work performance.


               Employmet History

Present   Hardware & Network Engineer Exhibition Compute Systems  

              Assembling computer systems completely; including system

              configuration (BIOS) partitioning & formatting HDD, installing the

              O/S, driver installation and configuration for different types of

              cards (such as VGA, sound, modem,Joystick,CD-ROM DVD,CD-

              Writer, printers, scanners, computer camera, & Mpeg Card;

               installation of software such as Office 97, video-games, AutoCad,

               anti-virus programs (such as Doctor Norton NDD, & PenCillin

               Photo-"Adobe; Win Installation, NT Server O/S, Win NT

               Workstation O/S Netware Server O/S; & config.


1999-98   Assitant Hardware Engineer & Network Administrator-Technician; Megabyte Computers

               Assembling computer systems completely; including system 

               configuration (BIOS) partitioning & formatting HDD, installing the

               O/S, driver installation and configuration for different types of

               cards (such as VGA, sound, modem,Joystick, CD-ROM, DVD,

               CD-Writer, printers, scanners, computer camera, & Mpeg Card;

                installation of software such as Office 97, video-games,

               AutoCad, anti-virus programs (such as Doctor Norton NDD, &

               PenCillin) Photo-Adobe; Win Installation, Fax & Voice access, and

               routine, and advance troubleshooting, networking, diff. types of

               network cable preparation, installation of network boards, testing

              different types of network cables, and connectivity confirmation,

              troubleshooting and solution


1995-99   Storekeeper (Mech.Engg.Spare Parts) And Computer Operator, Ministry Of Health U.A.E.

Storekeeper, issuing mechanical spare parts such tools, machine tools, spare parts for generators

Chiller Machine, water pumps, diesel engines (for auxillary power plant system), sewage systems,

LPG Reservoir, and LNG Reservoir. Computer operator; set up a complete database of all spare parts,

tools, in a table form in MS-Excel Program ( including more than five thousand name of item, des-

cription, serial no. location quantity, and balance).


1990-91   College Instructor, Affad College Omdurman, Sudan

Teaching The English Language in descriptive phases, including the Articles (Definite & Indefinite)

Vocabulary (including word composition, with emphasis on prefixes & suffixes); grammar with

emphasis on the Eight Parts Of Speech, verb conjugation, and sentence structure, syntax, literature,

letter-writing, and speech; with emphasis on conversation, exchange, interaction, & expression.





1981-86   Medical Technician, Assitant Accountant & Computer Operator U.A.E.

The main obligations, preparing and issuing internal and external medicines, surgical chemical,

surgical equipment, and preventive medicine. Assitant Accountant; receiving & issuing vouchers for

medical items, keeping account or record of all medical items available in the Central Medical De-

pository and carrying copies of these records to the ministry, computer operator, data-entry of info.

for medical items, transactions, vouchers and invoices and general medicals records.


1974  Insurance Claims Adjuster, Insurance Company Of North America Cleveland, Ohio

         Handled Car Accident Claims by contacting the Police for a report

         by the Officer who wrote the report contacted our insured (client) to

         obtain detail info. About the accident; also, Property Claims; in

         general it was the same procedure, except we had an appreciator to

         go out and asses the property especially the damage and if repairs

         were possible, Maritime Claims; these claims were assessed by

         our engineers and other technicians who specialize in evaluation of

         sea vessels, contruction, cargo tonnage Consignment and if affected

        during transport or other wese. Afterward, the reports were given

         to me decide the overall claim.


         Education & Training

2000  Diploma Novell Network Engineering from Global Institute, Manama, Bahrain

1999  Certificate Novell Network Administration from NIT Institute,

         Dubai, U.A.E.

               Net. Cable Preparation, including attaching RJ-45 Plugs, cable

               testing, connectivity by routing the

               & from workstations to HUBs installation Novell Netware Server

               O/S & and config. Installation of

               Win NT O/S, & config. Installation of network bo. & config.

               Admin.task; creating login script by creating user objects, issuing

               passwords, seting workstation address, time restriction; setting

               context so the user cannot go outside his or her container, sending

               messages over the network, identifying users on the network, and

               creating trustee assignment and issuing & denying rights to the file

               sys.and other resources on the network.

     1998  Certificate Novell General Networking from NIT Institute, Dubai


1998  Certificate Analog Electronics, American Systems Inc. Sharjah, U.A.E.

1998  Certificate Digital Electronics, Zenith Institute (South Kent Univ. avelliate) Sharjah.

1997 Certificate Hardware (Engg.) Rolla Institute Of Science Sharjah,


1999 Certificate MS-Access Programming Al-Maghrib Computers (NIT)


1999 Certificate Microsoft Office Suite (Words, Excel, Win95 O/S,

         PowerPoint, & The Internet) NIT.


         Advance Training

         From 1997-99 completed one & half year training in Hardware at

         Sandos Computers Sharjah.

         including, assembling computer systems completely; including system

         configuration (BIOS), partitioning HDD, installing the O/S, driver 

         installation and configuration for different types of cards (such as 

         VGA, sound, modem, CD-ROM, DVD, CD-Writer, printer,  

         scanner, computer camera, and Mpeg card); installation of

         software such as Office 97, video-games, AutoCad, anti-virus

         programs (such as Doctor Norton NDD, & PenCillin) PhotoAdobe;

         Internet Installation;  fax and voice access, & routine and advance


         Advance Training:

         Disconnecting & docking workstations to the network of global 

         world renown shipping co. (P& O Nedllyord). Migrating The Novell

         portion of their network to The IBM Unix portion of their network.

         Installing network printing with their network using TCP/IP. Using

         Novell's ZenWorks to install network applications to be use by The

         Company's staff. Docking laptops to their network & WAN.


















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