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Sayyid1 (Douglas)

Network Automation
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بسم أ لله أ لرحمأن أ لرحيم



All complements to Allah, the most High, the most Kind, the most Gracious. Dear visitors, Iam Sayyid Ahmad Al-Mundhir (also know as Douglas Eugene Bynum officially too) a Muslim American who converted to is Islam more than twenty five Years ago. I would like to express my great thanks to Allah, the most Wise for leading me to his Religion, and blessing me to live as a believer in Him. I have witnessed a great change in life as a result of accepting Islam & I have never regretted it. I would like to also thank brothers Abdul-Malik, Abdur-Rahman, & brother Muhammad for the wonderful assistance they gave me in entering the Islamic Religion. Iam content with myself and Iam committed to Allah's Religion forever. All of you who are visiting this Site we hope also that you accept Islam one day and if you have any questions on Allah's Religion, please contact me at my e-mail address at


Iam by profession a network technician, with a specialization in Novell Network Engineering. I have also been trained in MSN Technologies on the engineering level, & have been trained at Al-Jeraisy Co. on Cisco Sys. Products (routers & switches). Iam by specialization a Network Engg. But also I have extensive experience & work as a Hardware Engineer. At the present time Iam working in partnership with an ISP & previously I have implemented a number of network projects here in this country. However, my aim now is to engage in work with the next stage of  networking, which is internetworking, whereby, organizations will be obliged to place their network systems Online. Let us have a good look at The IT Industry & share  information in this area.


Thank You Kindly,


Sayyid Ahmad Al-Mundhir (officailly known as Douglas Eugene Bynum also)

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