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Sayyid1 (Douglas)


Network Automation
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  By profession Iam a IT Specialist, sometimes working as a Hardware Engineer, a Network Technician, a Network Administrator, or a Data Entry Operator. At the present time, Iam working as a Network Engg. & Consultant. However, I have worked  as a College Instructor,& Qualified Medical Technician. But I like the IT Industry very much. I've studied MS-Access, Visual Basic, Q-Basic. I also plan to study HTML & Oracle. I would like to go into multi-media training also. This part of the IT Industry is very exciting & is very entertaining. Graphics, is also another part of the IT Field I would like to explore, because  it deals with advertising which many co.s & org.s need.

   However, technical work is the most important task I like to engage in. Here is where we can impliment & troubleshoot systems, along with get customer satisfaction and benefits. The technical work is where a computer technician obtains a reputation of good work, expertise, and respect. By the technician being able to perform technical tasks, he is driving the co.'s operation & causing it to produce products. I always like to be apart of a co.'s team who is causing the it to  function, operate, & progress. This is the meaning of corporate progress and industrial advance.
  In my profession I have to rely on a no. of support fields, in order to be consistancely employed. My profession is really
networking, but networking takes time to obtain and implement.
In other words it takes time to get network contracts.  as a result
I rely on hardware maint. to make a living.Hardware engineering
a specific field in Computer Sci.hardware, network hardware   PCs, Sys. Bo.s, HDD & FDD, etc. and it can include network equipment also. The network equipment include cables, RJ-45-plugs, BNC, T-Connectors, terminator connectors, etc; HUBs, Switches, Routers, Servers, & workstations.
   However, I also rely on Internet WebServices to support myself in employment. Internet Services, & WebServices are interrelated with one another. The World Wide Web is a great way of communication, advertisement, projecting multimedia and large data migration and transmission. With the advent of
e-commerce, Internet WebServices are at the forefront of displaying commercial products, business, marketing, banking, & accounting. I have dealt with a no. of organizations that are using Web & Internet Services to promote their biz, even
administrating their network. Weblogs are also important part of The Internet today. But originally, Blogs were used to share technical info. between scientists, engineers, & technicians. However, today individuals, companies, and orgs.,
are using Blogs for business purposes. I don't agree with that, but The World Wide Web is an "Open High Way".
   At the present time I have started research in to Wireless Network Security using wi-fi & wimax. However, this is a very great challenge for myself & The Industry, because The Standards & Technology for Wireless Networks are still being developed. EarthLinks, Cisco Sys. CompTIA, etc. & a no. of other IT Stalwarts are involved in analyzing the security for WLAN.
   I would like to change my subject but keep focus if possbible.
Blogging is a great technical way of sharing info. As a matter of
fact this technology was 1st used as a way dispensing & sharing
info. between scientists, engineers, & technicians. But now the
biz communities our country have started to use it for extensive advertisment & other commerical purposes. This I don't agree
with, but for IT Technicians who are setting up blogsites, more
power to them for obtaining another way to earn benefits. I prefer the former. I have lost a total of about three blogsites, with
a lot of valuable information that I can't retrieve now because my
sites have been shutdown. I hoping in the future I will be able to
setup a site with a hosting company that does biz on basis of IT
Science. Forums are also another way for scientists engineers,
& technicians to share data. When I've done some analysis or
some research in IT, the subject matter may not always be related to what the discussions is on in the forum. I will continue
do research & analysis & post the results on blogsites. This the blogs give more freedom of explaining your topic, report, analysis, or even debate.    

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